Friday, August 20, 2010

One week till Training Day!

Yay!  Let the countdown begin... AGAIN!  This time, we're counting down to our Training Day with Bethany Christian Services next Friday.  This training day is an all day "class".  We will hear from a birth mom about her experiences, some other adoptive families, have lunch and go over all of the logistics and details on what to expect from here on out!  Craziness!  I'm so excited!

So, this time next Friday, Richard and I will be wrapping up our training day class.  We hope to meet our social worker at that time too [hopefully].  Speaking of that, we should be assigned our social worker any day now.  Wahoo!  These past few days we have been praying for our social worker.  Praying that we will have someone who will be good with our personalities, and someone who will be easy to work with.  Its strange, but all along I have been praying for our baby and birth mom, but never our social worker until now.  I guess because things are starting to feel more and more real...

Well, we can't wait to fill you in on everything!  Oh and last thing...

We got in our last shipment of T-Shirts!  ALL Smalls!  So, if you've been wanting to order a t-shirt, please let us know.  We're hoping we can sell everything that is left soon.  :)

T-Shirts are $17 if picked up.
T-Shirts are $20 if shipped.

And of course we still have the gallery full of prints for sale!  ALL profits from all of our fundraisers go directly into our adoption fund.  To view all of our fundraisers, click on the "icon" up at the top of this webpage that reads "fundraisers" to see the details.   We believe God has some amazing plans in store... we're so excited to continue seeing everything play out!

Until then, Brantley

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