Our Story

Hi there and welcome!

Our names are Brantley and Richard! 
We met on New Year's Eve of 2007 at our church's singles party.  I can't say that it was love at first site, but pretty close to it!  :)  We started dating... fell head over heels... got 3 engaged 3 months later and married later that year on November 10, 2007.  

We both love the Lord first and enjoy living our lives together serving Him!  We just like to have fun, and enjoy being silly with one another!  We also work together as husband and wife photography team. We love every day that we can work together. Photography just so happens to be something we have a passion for together. 

Over the last year, our lives have started changing in some pretty incredible ways!  We are on a special journey to adopt a baby right now. God has been eagerly tugging at my heart for several years. In the 2nd year of our marriage, He began to tug harder. Some ask... what is your story.  Well... we may not have a story of struggle, or infertility, but we have a story of faith and trust!  God tugged when we simply obeyed.

When we started looking into where, we realized our hearts were here in the states.  We feel so many children here get over looked for the simple fact that they live in America... the land of the free, of opportunity.  Unfortunately, the sad reality of it all... there are still so many that remain in and out of foster care, live in abusive homes, and never hear the gospel!  So... we decided to adopt from right here in the United States, this place we call home.  I will say though, we pray that God will open the doors, and give us the opportunity to adopt from Ethiopia one day!  We've been moved from this country and the others whose blogs we follow that are adopting from this country.  Our prayers are for God to show us the way, and if His heart desires, that so will ours!

He tugged at a time when we had not prepared ourselves financially to take on such a "task if you will".  Crazy to think that when we "officially" started this journey back in April, we had $2,000 to put towards our adoption.  After 6 months of being on this journey... God has blessed us in more ways than I ever imagined.  He brought people to our blog, and people responded.  They heard our cried and they gave, and oh how they gave so generously!  We are now sooo closed and have under $2,000 left to raise and save up!  God has provided and blessed us with over $16,000 is just 6 short months!  God is good, and I firmly believe if you trust His plan... He will provide!

 I feel blessed knowing that this is where He has us, and believe this our calling. So, one day, hopefully soon, we will have a baby in our arms. We're so blessed and God is teaching us so much through this. Praise God for all of the wonderful people he places in our lives daily!  Our hopes are for Christ to be glorified through our journey.  We also hope that by being real and completely candid on our blog, that we might be some encouragement to you.  If you feel encouraged & just want to leave a comment, please do!  We're encouraged by your kind words!

Thanks for reading our blog!