Our Adoption Fundraisers

We are not currently adopting... but for those interested in learning about some of the fundraisers that we did and [worked for us] - we left them up for you to see!  Enjoy!

If raising a child isn't expensive enough, funding an adoption only adds to it!  So, in an effort to help pay for our adoption, we've created a number of fundraisers.  100% of profits from our fundraisers go directly towards our adoption fund and bringing our baby home.

T-Shirt Fundraiser
T-Shirts are $20 each if picked up.
T-shirts are $22 each if shipped.

Ornament Fundraiser

Ornaments are $10 each and 100% of all 
profits will go towards bringing our baby home!

Photography Fundraisers
Click on each link below to view each gallery.  
All prints can be ordered directly from the galleries.  
If you have any problems, feel free to email us at

Thank you for your support in bringing our baby home!