Friday, July 2, 2010

1 Week, Plus Updates!

Wahoooooo!  Exactly 1 week until our orientation!  I know all of you reading will be glad when that day comes, and most likely not for the same reasons as me.  But that's okay.  I'm sure everything is tired of me giving the daily countdown for the last several weeks!  haha  But, its almost here and I'll try and refrain from going crazy this last week!  I'm just so stinkin excited for this day to finally get here so we can get this ball rolling!  Along with that, I have some updates on some of our many projects Richard and I have been working on.  The 1st one is the quilt we made for our baby.  Although it doesn't look entirely different from the last posts, it is now finished with the backing and all.  We decided to keep it the same size that is already was.  We sewed up three sides and will put a zipper on the 4th side.  I'm hoping to get with one of my best friend's mom soon and possibly get her to embroider some special things on one of two of the squares for me.  Just to personalize it more.  :)  (hint: the reason why the zipper will be there)

So, here are some finished shots.  We used a soft baby fabric for the backing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!  Can't wait to get it personalized more over the next several months.
Do you like it???

Also, I'm sure many of you have been eagerly awaiting a post about a giveaway!  As promised, I thought was going to have one this week, but no one has offered anything for the giveaway.  I can't give everything away by myself.  :(  So, if you or anyone you know may have something they would like to donate from a business or a project they have been working on, let me know.  We will give full credit on our blog, facebook page and include all necessary links.  Its all in fun and we enjoy giving stuff away. 

Also, many of you have been asking about our T-Shirts.  The shirts are scheduled to be in and ready for me to pick up on July 6th!  Next week everyone!  I'm so excited to see those.  Remember, everything we sell on this blog - 100% will go towards our adoption fund.  This is why we are constantly adding new things to sell.  (i.e.  Prints, Photography, T-Shirts, etc)

And lastly, I completely forgot to include the finished product shots of our dresser.  It was fine before... but didn't go with our crib.  Remember, we bought this beautiful piece of furniture on clearance from WalMart for $75 (it was being discontinued).  And, it is real wood, not that fake stuff!  Nice and heavy duty! It is really a buffet, but will work perfectly for our dresser/changing table in Baby Freeman's room.  You might remember what it looked like before, but just in case, here are the before & after pics!
Do you LOVE it????  I know we do!  Its so much more crisp and clean looking to us!  I LOVE it!  Also, I know the walls are painted blue.  They actually have been for quite some time.  Since we won't be selecting a gender for our baby, we figured we would leave them blue until we got placed.  This way, if it is a boy, then at least we won't need to paint.  If it is a girl, we will go paint shopping!  :)

So, those are my updates for today!  Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL week!  Happy 4th everyone!!!

Until then, Brantley


Amber Walters Photography said...

I love how the blanket and the changing table turned out. I hope your wait for the orientation goes by quickly.

Lauren said...

the changing table looks great!!!! I love the blanket too! SO exciting that you're just one week away!! :)