Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkins Galore!

This month has been so hectic for us.  My photography business has been booming with sessions, weddings and workshops and I have started to feel the heat (if you know what I mean).  I have been a little overwhelmed.  So, since we photographed a Friday wedding and had a bunch of sessions this past Saturday - we skipped church and headed to Hendersonville, NC on Sunday.  We had an awesome time and really enjoyed spending some good ole quality time as a family.  Not to mention, experiencing something new and exciting with Katherine Grace!

The pumpkin patch was swarming with people, the air was cool and crisp and our baby girl was loving it all!  Here are some shots from our adventures.  Enjoy!

Katherine Grace even picked out her own pumpkin!  It was hilarious... she picked up the little one and hung on for dear life!  It was hers!  :)  She kept rolling it around like it was a ball.

Here is a fun family pic!  :)

We even went into the Apple Orchard and took some pics!

By the way... she's not fussing in this shot.  She started this new thing where she shrivels up her nose and snorts!  Its so funny, but in pictures, she appears to be fussy and/or upset.

Such a great time!  I am loving this time of year and all of the exciting things that are coming up!  Her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even her 1st birthday!  All of the fun festivities still to come!  So exciting!

Until then... Brantley


Anonymous said...

looks like you captured a great fall day :)

Simply Amy said...

Brantley, I know I have told you this before but she is so beautiful! What an amazing blessing she is!

Olivia said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! I can't wait till we take our little one to the pumpkin patch! Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

D said...

LOVE the pumpkin pics. What is the orchard called? I've been looking for an apple orchard in NC. I live in Raleigh. Thanks! Dawn (dfrautschy@gmail.com)

SassyIfLady said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! You should submit them to a magazine! Love the orange!