Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9 Months & in Denial

Oh yes, this momma can NOT believe her baby girl is already 9 months old.  She celebrated 9 months on Monday - so I know I'm behind on posting... but what a crazy week and month it has already been.

Here are some from her 9 month mini session.

She's so proud that she can move around and stand up with control.  It cracks me up to watch her.  She will go down in the squatting position and then pop back up!  She giggles when she does!  :)

Love my baby girl so much!  Love her sweet and tender personality!  She is so full of energy, and has so much love to give.  I love her heart already.  :)  Praise Him for this sweet blessing in our lives!

9 Month Stats: [Monday, October 3, 2011]

Length: 28" Long   66.11%
Weight: 18.69 lbs   60.27%

Her pediatrician said she was a healthy, strong & growing little lady!  She now has two teeth (bottom middle).  She has a protein allergy that is in cow's milk.  (not to be confused with lactose allergy)  She is still on Nutramigen... ugh... so expensive, but thankful for it!  Doctor said she could possibly grow out of it, but in many cases, may not.  Only time will tell.  Other than that, everything is great and we're loving every minute!  We recently bought a zoo membership and have been enjoying this beautiful weather outdoors!  She loves to play, swing and ride in her "car" outside.  She took her first steps to me last week and has since taken a few steps to me a couple times each day.  It won't be long before she's running around.  :)

Hope everyone is having a blessed week!

Until then... Brantley


Bryan and Stacy said...

She is so beautiful!

Karin said...

Brantley, she is just gorgeous! And I cannot get over how mobile she is at just nine months. When you posted that she was crawling and then pulling up and then standing I was blown away. I love when they start moving on their own- so fun!

Anonymous said...

I am just browsing, but saw what you wrote about the protein allergy. One of mine had the same and was on Nutramigin until his first birthday. We went from Nutramigin to Almond Milk. He cannot drink regular milk, but is great with Almond Milk. Just an fyi for when the time comes to leave the formula.