Monday, September 12, 2011

V4V Project - Cookies 4 Congo

Will you help us spread the word!  Voices 4 the Voiceless is proud to announce our newest fundraiser!  We hope this will be BIG and we pray you will ALL join with us to help spread the word!  :)

How YOU can help!

1] Grab our button by placing it on your blog!  This is an easy tool to help spread the word!

2] Get involved!  Make some cookies, and have a cookies sale!  Sell them at work, at church, in your small group or Sunday school class - anywhere you want!  Let your kids get involved and allow them to help and learn about giving!

3] Donate!  All of the proceeds [100%] will go directly towards Project Congo!  We will use the money to help rebuild the orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo!  This is HUGE!  Will you help?

Many have asked how they can get involved... even those as far as California!  Well... you asked, and here is your chance to serve!  We need your help... THEY need your help!

Will you be a voice?  Go HERE for more details!

Until then... Brantley


Angie said...

Have you ever considered starting a twitter page for Voices 4 the Voiceless? It's a great way to help get the word out about things like this. And I bet some of the Christian music singers who are on twitter would retweet information about your organization (I've seen them do that with other charities before.)

For this journey we're on... said...

Great idea! I am terrible at Twitter... But might be worth it to have some of you "follow" to support us getting out name out there and spreading the word about our mission. :). Thanks for the tip - might try and create an account later today!