Monday, September 12, 2011

1st Trip to the Zoo!

My baby girl experienced her first trip to the zoo on Sunday!  We skipped church Sunday morning because we were both in tears watching all of the 9/11 dedications and memorials.  I couldn't rip myself away from the screen long enough to shower in time for church.  Yeah yeah... its okay to miss a Sunday every now and then.  :)  So... when we finally decided to get out of the house... we figured we'd make the most of our Sunday and take Katherine Grace to experience something new!

So... the Zoo it was!  Here are some favorites from our day!

It was such a pretty day and we all had so much fun!  We weren't sure if Katherine Grace would have fun at this age... but oh did she ever!

They have a new exhibit where you can walk through with the kangaroos.  I thought that was neat to be able to be in with them and get up close (sort of up close anyway).

Couldn't resist when I saw the owl!  After all... that is her nursery theme!  :)  Isn't it so mysterious and pretty looking?!

The zoo welcomed a baby giraffe this summer.  It was soooo cute!  And... we made it just in time for feeding!  This was our favorite part.

Katherine Grace on the other hand... hmmm... she wasn't scared... but she gave the funniest looks when the giraffe would come close.  She couldn't figure it out!

Can't say that I blame her... if I was 8 months old and saw that tongue sticking out at me... I might think... weirdo too!!  haha


He even got a little nibble on her hand.  :)

Personally... I was fascinated watching the elephant drink water.  :)

And even this... that bear caught several of (whatever it was she was throwing)!  This was fun!

Blooper shot!  :)

Well... that was our day!  A whole lot of fun and excitement!  I LOVED spending the day with my family and experiencing something new with Katherine Grace!  

Until then.. Brantley


Wanda said...

Looks like you had a great day!

Marcie said...

Sounds like so much fun! This weather has been perfect for the zoo!
Can't believe how close yall were to the giraffes! That's awesome!