Monday, August 15, 2011

the BIG news!

Well, here I am on this Monday morning writing this post that I have been so anxiously awaiting to announce!  I cannot believe today is finally here.  I'm honestly speechless!  I don't know what to say.  God is marvelous and He is good.  He is so incredibly faithful and has the most beautiful ways of showing His presence!  I cannot begin to tell you how humbled I feel this morning!  Knowing that He has chosen me to take on something like this!  Why me?  I continue to ask myself that over and over again.  But He has and I pray I can be His hands and feet on this journey we're about to embark!

A little back story... and please read before continuing down the page.

It all began MONTHS ago.  My heart aching for MORE.  I have prayed for so long for purpose.  "Lord, what is your purpose for this life?"  It wasn't until the face of Teri Lynn came onto my screen that it all became clear to me.  I know you all know who I'm talking about - as she has been in so many of my posts lately.  I will never forget that precious face!  So much confusion came from that face!  Why her?  Why would this happen to children?  How can this be?  Who will reach out and save her?  Why not me?

The questions continued and and I was broken!  My heart was totally broken for this child!  Why NOT me I cried nightly?  God made it clear that we were not her parents.  I could not understand why!  Why on earth would you not have me to adopt this child if we were so willing?  Why not Lord?

Because He had other things in store!  In the broad picture... if only I could see just a little farther down the road... He had so much more!  He wanted me broken so that I could SEE the whole picture!  So that I could SEE where He has me.  After many months of prayer, seeking His will.... He has finally made it CLEAR!

The Lord introduced me to a special person just a few shorts months ago.  Her name is Angela Braniff and you probably remember reading about her here on this blog.  After a facebook encounter... we soon became friends in such a BIG way!  I now know that the Lord brought us together for a reason!  We would soon meet and realize our deep passions for orphans and our desires to make a difference in this world!  To be a VOICE for these children!  Teri Lynn did not have a voice... it was our job to be the voice for her!  If not us... then who???

And that my friends is where Voices 4 the Voiceless became born!  God placed these two people in my life for a reason!  He showed me this face, this human being, this life of this precious child of God - Teri Lynn.  She had a name, a heart... and someone must speak up for these children!  God used her life to touch me, to show me EXACTLY where He wanted me.  And now, together, Angela and myself have started this non-profit organization to do just that!  To be the VOICE for those ALL AROUND THE WORLD!  To stand up for them and tell the world their needs, to be His hands & feet, and to be advocate for the many orphans all over the world!

Lord... you are BIGGER than I am!  You are far more powerful and majestic than me... how on earth are we supposed to make a difference in this world?  So many doors closed as we sought the help from so many.  But every time a door closed, he opened another!  And boy oh boy... the doors he opened were  far greater than the ones that closed!  The last several weeks have been trying and at times, we have felt hopeless.  But God continued to tug and He continued to show us through some pretty powerful reminders that THROUGH Him... anything was possible!  We have met some pretty incredible people, and have partnered with some open hearts who so greatly desire to help!  Thank you Lord!  Thank you for your endless faithfulness!  You are mighty and WORTHY of praise!

Thank you for entrusting us on this incredible journey of a lifetime!

To read more about this journey He has called us on...

I want to personally thank you a few people for their generosity & help over the last several weeks to get our website, logo, etc set up!  You have no idea how grateful we are to each of you!

Erica Anne with The Summer House - For graciously committing to designing our logo for us.  You took this project on during a busy time, and did not charge us a cent.  For her time and talents as she worked so hard with us to come up with something so perfect & fitting!  Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!  We're so grateful to you and HIGHLY recommend your work!

To Jeremy Riddle and his wife, Nicole for graciously allowing us to use your music on our website!  We are touched by the words in your music and thank you for supporting us on this journey!

To Lauren Casper & Leigh Ladd for sharing your images with us to use on our website.  And also to Lauren for also creating our blog button.  You're a doll and we thank you!

And of course to everyone who have so anxiously awaited this news & despite not knowing anything (including my parents, yes, I know... I'm sorry!), supported and prayed for us daily!  Thank you simply just isn't enough!

If you'd like to donate towards one of our projects, you can do so via the PayPal button on our blog, or by sending donations to:

Voices 4 the Voiceless, Inc
P.O. Box 1149
Columbia, SC 29202

Also, we're going to be creating new projects as time goes along.  We will also be working on local projects through the US.  If you have any ideas, or something you'd like us to partner with you on... please send us an email and so we can consider it!  Thanks!

Lord, thank you for breaking my heart, for what breaks yours!  My daily prayer to do, to continue breaking my heart for the things that break yours!  

So, I leave you with this... Will you be a VOICE?

Until then... Brantley


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:D God is AWESOME!!!

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So excited Brantley, so so so so so excited. God has big huge awesome plans, I love it!

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This is Great!

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Wonderful!! praying for this organization to become The Good Lord's hands and feet so that more people will know Him, love Him, and serve Him