Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh how I miss you dearly....

Today marks the anniversary of my Granddaddy Herman's death.  And oh how he was loved, and still is.  I'll never forget this day, as I was out with my friend celebrating her sweet sixteenth birthday!  We were all so excited and her mom rented a limo and we went around town [to Sonic and such] thinking we were oh so cool!  Oh to look back now and laugh at my silly self.  I came home from what was an exciting day for me... to my parents sitting quietly on the couch.  My mom, quietly told me the news.  I stayed calm but inside cringed and tried so hard to hold back the tears.  I did.  At least until I cried myself to sleep in my room.

To this day, I have never experienced death that hit me the way it did that day.  I have been fortunate to have my family still close to me.  I don't like talking about death and to this day, still have a hard time coping with it.  However, I find so much joy and peace knowing He went to be with Jesus.  I miss him dearly here on earth, but I love knowing He served our God daily, and set such a wonderful example of what a leader is supposed to look like.  He lived such a godly example and I am happy to have known him.

This is one of my favorite images with him.  I only wish I had a good image when I was older.  He passed away when I was in the tenth grade.

There are so many memories I have with him.  When my dad went through his cancer treatments (I was around 6 years old)... we practically lived with my grandparents.  I have so many fun times to look back on and treasure.  I miss you grandaddy and wish so badly you could still be here... but that would be so selfish of me... because you're in such a better place!  If anything, I should wish I was there with you!

I love you and I cannot wait for the day we "meet" again!  

Until then... Brantley

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Wanda said...

Miss my daddy too!