Thursday, August 18, 2011


Oh my!  My heart has dropped and I don't know what to say!  Is this really possible?  How can this really be?  Surely this is a joke.  Nope... in fact, this is the reality and I am ticked!  I cannot believe this!

Adeye put it in the best words.  Please READ HERE and consider donating to help this precious child!  Oh Lord, if its your will... please give this child a forever home!  

At 11 years old... this face almost makes me cringe.  I know this sounds so harsh, but its true.  Its almost unbearable to look at.  It makes me so sad.  To think she is still fighting... oh praise God!

Please head on over to Adeye's blog and read more about how you can help!  This IS OUR JOB, this is our duty as believer's in Christ to love others as WE WOULD LOVE OURSELVES!

Until then... Brantley

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Leigh said...

Read the post this morning. What's heart breaking is there is constantly a new story, a new child in need, slowly but surely the body of Christ can step up and be used for His glory one child at a time.