Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are we measuring the size of the giant, or God?

I have struggled with what to put into words for several weeks now.  Struggling what to put in this post... writing it, then deleting it NUMEROUS times now.  I want to get my words right, but really stress what it is I'm trying to say.  Some will take this post completely out of context, while others might understand EXACTLY where I'm coming from.

It wasn't until hearing this quote on the radio yesterday, that I knew exactly what it was I was trying to put into words.

Don't tell God how big your giant is... tell your giant how BIG your God is!

You see, Numbers 13-14 have weighed heavily on my heart this past week.  I feel defeated in so much that I do, and feeling as though the obstacles in front of me are far greater than little me!  I struggle that maybe my GIANT is more than I can handle.  Instead... I MUST remind myself God is FAR greater than any giant in my path!  For me, that giant is something trying to steer me away from what I'm working towards.  Something big.  I feel like everyday a door is being slammed in my face and I wonder if maybe I should just not worry with this anymore.  NO!  I will not give up and just because a door slams, I believe that I should face the giant harder and find another door.  Maybe it will also slam in my face, and maybe it won't!  But if I don't try, if I don't face it... then what am I telling God???  For others, your giant might be something different.  When Mosses sent his men to explore Canaan...  they came back feeling defeated by the giant.  

 in Numbers 13:31 & 32 they say...
31 But the men who had gone up with him said, “We can’t attack those people; they are stronger than we are.”32 And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, “The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size.

God NEVER called us to easy.  He never called us to a simple life.  I know that every giant I have ever faced in my life... that when I continue on... I press forward... I run... and I TRUST in my God... that I CAN do it.  I can achieve it... I CAN make a difference.  

This morning I read on Andrea Young's blog... (and I hope she won't mind me reposting this)...

A friend said to her... "You know you can't save them all.  I mean, when is enough-enough Andrea."
Without thinking she responded.  "I know.  I understand what you are saying.  But I also think our culture too often uses that thinking as an excuses to do nothing.  And I can't do nothing.  I held her - and I just have to see... and wait... and go it He says go.  And I can't worry about what the world thinks either."

I cannot help but feel the EXACT same way.  I have felt soooo many people, including family and  friends say similar things.  And I only have one child!  For me though... it isn't even all about saving each and every orphan.  I GET that.  I don't believe God calls us to that.  He doesn't call EVERY person to adopt either.  But He DOES call us to LOVE them, to treat them as we want to be treated.  So... my question is... WHY NOT ME???  Why not you??  I believe... and this might offend some people... but I believe we as Americans are SELFISH. Yes, you read right.  I believe we are caught up in our everyday lives.  We live the comfortable lives we want, we have cars, large homes, the latest clothing & trends... etc.  

I'm NOT saying there is anything wrong with that.  But I hear WAY too often, I just don't have the money to help anyone else right now.  We're struggling to get by!  Really????  But yet [we] have the money to grab a Starbuck's on our way into work, eat out for dinner, buy our kids new clothes for school, or whatever it may happen to be.  It frustrates me.  I often say the same thing.  But the truth is... we are FAR more rich than anyone else in the world.  There is NOTHING holding us back from helping, serving, caring.  HUNDREDS are starving and even dying across the world and all we can do over here is listen on the news as they talk about the latest trends, the latest on the trials and court cases and what celebrity is in jail now!  

How can THIS be???  I just cannot wrap my hands around it.  So again, I ask, why NOT me?  I am willing, I am able... what giant is holding you back from making a difference????  Don't allow your giant to defeat you... trust in the Lord, your God and allow Him to defeat the giant!

Until then... Brantley


Lauren said...

I get you completely. I heard someone say (don't remember where... some youtube sermon) that the scariest thing about so many of us in America is that we are SO rich and we don't even know it! I have said many of the same thing about being broke. While it's true that we live in a ministers salary and live paycheck to paycheck we are SO RICH! That I even have the option to buy groceries at the store each week, own TWO cars, and have "fun money" makes me filthy rich in comparison to the rest of the world. Our perspective in America is so tainted. We need to be humbled and broken. We need to care. We need to learn what it means to love others as we love ourselves...

Okay that was way longer than I intended... sorry!!!

Leigh said...

Could not agree with you more! Yes to all of it. We are a selfish selfish people! Can't wait to see what God is stirring, Brantley! Keep pressing forward, He is far far far bigger than any giant. Praying for and with you.

Anonymous said...

Great words...It’s so easy to get caught up in selfishness. It’s also so hard to do something on faith alone.

Karin said...

Oh I just love your heart Brantley.

thesandifers said...

I have a friend who works downtown with homeless people. He told me that the homeless in Columbia have the opportunity to get three free meals EVERYDAY! Even the homeless in our society have much more than the poor in the rest of the world. Just this week I read that 29,000 little children in Africa have died due to the famine. We don't realize how wealthy we truly are...and how selfish we truly are.

Beth Templeton said...

I love what you are saying about the looking at the giant rather than at God. This issue of focus makes all the difference in life-- with the issues in our families, but also with the huge issues of world needs. I so want to be like Jesus who was always aware of what was on God the Father's heart and always available to act. Thank you for the call at act Brantley! Well done!