Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4 Months Old & GROWING!

Hard to believe my baby girl is now 4 months old... 4 months old today!  Crazy!  She had her pediatrician appointment today and everything went well.  It was perfect actually... according to her doctor.  :)  She is growing fast!  Today while waiting in the lobby, we ran into quite a few people we knew.  Hi Amanda and Sharon!  :)  Met their sweet babies since their birth, and even met some new mommys!  Congrats!

All in all, it was a wonderful morning.  Katherine Grace was all smiles as her doctor checked her out.  No flat spots on her head, her stats are PERFECT and everything checked out well.  He even confirmed she is in fact teething!  Told you so... all of you people who thought I was crazy when I told you that a month ago.  I knew I wasn't crazy... now just waiting that 1st tooth to cut through.

Here is one from her 17 week (yesterday)/4 Month Photo Shoot!

This child doesn't know when to stop laughing.  She brings so much joy to our family!

She weighed in at 13.15 lbs today.  Her length was 24 1/2!!!  I'm telling ya... she's a growing machine.  Her doctor also told us it was fine to go ahead and start her on some rice cereal, and once she gets the hang of that... we can start her on veggies!  

Some things about my little lady!

• She is rolling over like crazy.  Just yesterday during her nap time (which never happens by the way), she managed to roll over while swaddled.  Now we're just trying to figure out how to get her to sleep without being swaddled.  

• She LOVES laughing (obviously) and even laughs some when she's fussy.  (that is funny to see)

• She loves being outside and riding in her stroller.

• She's starting to get the hang of her Jumparoo and also her exersaucer!

• Not that my child is perfect, but lately she hasn't been fussy.  So nothing really has made her fussy these past couple of weeks (with the exception of when she's hungry of course)

• She still has her daddy wrapped around her finger!  She adores him and I LOVE that!

• She is wearing 3 months in most everything, but occasionally can wear some of her 6 month dresses (due to length).

• She is still wearing size 1 diapers and probably will be for a while.  Her waist is so darn skinny... it might be a while before we pull out the size 2s.

Love those toes!  She loves it when I grab her feet and kiss her toes!  She giggles like crazy!

Anytime we put her on her back... she instantly rolls over to be on her belly.  I'm thinking she'll be crawling in no time (well maybe not quite yet).  She loves it!

Richard's gonna kill me for this.  haha  But I think its funny!  Have I mentioned how she's drooling buckets???  Its because she's teething!  ;)

Well, there is my update.  Also, I want to thank those of you that have sent us such encouraging emails and even comments here on the blog.  Each of them mean so much to us.  We're not going to stop with the blog... as we know we've helped encourage and even educate some of you.  That is the purpose of it!  After all, we've received a couple emails over the past week letting us know they have started their adoption journey because of the truth and honesty we have shared right here!  Obviously God's hands were all over it... but it is encouraging knowing that we can also make a difference.  So thank you!

Until then... Brantley


LisaAnne said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. And so stinkin happy! Thanks for sharing the pictures. They bring me great joy!

Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

I know EVERYONE always tells people how beautiful each other's children are but seriously, Katherine Grace is just beautiful. I absolutely LOVE all her cute, dainty little outfits! I soooo miss those tiny baby stages! Enjoy it because people aren't kidding when they say it goes by so fast!

amelia said...

Glad that you'll keep blogging. Beautiful photos and beautiful baby. If you ever find out how to put your baby to sleep without swaddling her, write it on your blog, our baby loves being swaddled too, but I'm sure soon I can't find big enough blanket for swaddling her