Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm moved...

My eyes were flooded with tears today when I open the mail to find the sweetest package!  Thank you Allison for making my day so incredibly wonderful, and reminding this momma how blessed we are!  I opened the package to find this adorable owl - made of the same marble that was used in the Taj Mahal.  Josh, Allison's husband brought it back from India and they decided to pass it along to our sweet Katherine Grace since her nursery is decorated in owls.  How incredibly thoughtful!!!

The note though is what brought these eyes to tears.  It was so touching and I am completely moved knowing that God is still using us and this beautiful story to touch others.  This note was just one more reminder that God's hands have been and are all over our journey.  And the awesome part about it all... He's not finished with us.  Not even close.  Not only did you take the time to put your words on paper, but you gave us a generous gift that we will be using towards our next adoption!  THANK YOU!

I am thankful for these sweet reminders of how amazing our God is and how He is using us daily!  I'm thankful for the journey, and for this beautiful baby that He has given to us.  She is truly remarkable and I couldn't feel anymore blessed than I do right now.

Thank you again Allison for your sweet card and gift(s)!

Until then... Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  And for those who are so eagerly waiting the moment when you can be a mom, know that God is writing your story at this very moment.  Your day is coming and oh how beautiful it WILL be!  Trust in the Lord, and His timing!  I promise it IS all worth it in the end!

Until then, Brantley

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Stephanie said...

Happy (1st of many) Mothers Day Brantley!! I am so blessed by your blog and being able to see the work God is doing in your sweet little family!

Prayers and love