Thursday, March 3, 2011

My baby is 2 Months Old!

Hard to believe the days and months are just ticking away!  Its been such an amazing 2 months with my baby girl!  Today... we headed to the pediatrician for her 2 month appointment.  And to my surprise, she did really well.  I guess all of the tests, shots and poking & prodding earlier this month prepared her for today.  That's my thought anyway.  :)  She cried briefly when she was first poked... but then settled down when I snuggled her close to me.  Sigh.  :)  Richard didn't handle it quite so well though.  He even teared up a little... which made me smile.  Its just one more sweet reminder of why I love him so much!

Here are her current stats!

She now weighs 10lbs 13oz (Holy cow!)
She is 22 1/2 inches long.

And she is currently in the 57th percentile for her height and weight.  She's now pretty "average" I guess you could say.  We're still thinking she's going to be tall though.

She is still smiling up a storm (which we LOVE) and can't seem to get enough of her giggles and silly noises she makes.  She's been holding her head up really well for a couple of weeks now, and even the doc said it won't be long before we can pull out the bumbo seat.  :)  Pretty cool!  She's drinking around 5.5oz every 3 hours or so.  But at today's appointment he switched her formula to a not so cheap formula.  :(  However, its supposed to help with her digestive system.  We're excited, because after 3 bottles today... no spitting up from it!  She was on a soy formula and was doing great... but we couldn't seem to get her regular (if you know what I mean) and prune juice and such wasn't doing the trick.  So... this will hopefully help!  It should at $32 a can!  

And now... for the good stuff!  Pics of my little lady!  :)

Silly face!  haha  Katherine Grace and mommy!

And who might she be smiling at here???

Well no other than DADDY!!!
He knows how to make her smile!  :)  Lots more pics to come in the next month.  

Until then... Happy 2 Months baby girl!  We love you!


Meg, Drew, and Ian too! said...

Your little lady is simply beautiful! We are so happy for you three! :)

Joy: said...

I haven't posted a comment in a while, but I have been keeping up with this sweet girl of yours. She is just precious. Our little foster baby is almost four months old now. I can hardly believe it.

Carrie said...

I have been following your story of you and your sweet girl! I just wanted to comment to see if I could help.

I had 2 daughters on the formula that I think you are talking about. They were on Similac Alimentum. So expensive! I am not sure what your health insurance situation is, but if you have an insurance plan it might be worth checking out if they cover the cost. We were able to get 16 cans for the price of 1. An AMAZING blessing. Just wanted to pass the word along just in case it can help you out at all!

Also, it might sound kind of crazy, but another idea is to check craigslist. As long as its sealed and not expired you should be fine!

Best of luck to you!