Monday, February 28, 2011

8 Weeks Old - Oh My!

The weeks keep flying by and I am shocked at how fast my baby girl is growing up!  Before I can blink, I'm afraid she'll be walking down the aisle and we'll be giving her away.  Sigh.  But for now... she's 8 weeks old and I'm soaking in every moment.  She's growing... and so darn fast! 

Since it was such beautiful weather today, we decided to pull out some spring dresses (that happened to fit!).  Yay!  Although it scares me that they fit already considering they were meant for the spring!  And do you see the personality I have been talking about???  My little sweetie!

Check out the toes!  Oh how I love each and every one of them!

And this would be what happens when someone else steals the "show"!  haha  Our little Toby (aka family pet/chihuahua).  He jumped up and decided he wanted our attention and she wasn't too thrilled about that!  lol  So much fun in our little household!  Loving every minute though!

What she's doing right now...

Where do I even begin.  For starters... she wakes up smiling.  She is so full of energy, and soo much personality!  She's currently eating around 5-5.5oz.  She still wears newborn pants (only b/c of her little waist), but most everything else is 0-3 months.  She LOVES the swing and her baby mobile.  But most of all... LOVES LOVES LOVES to go on our daily walks at the park!  Thank goodness for our jogging stroller!  :)  She doesn't seem to mind tummy time and is really picking up head well.  When we sit her up right, she can hold it steady for a minute or two.  She's so close.  It won't be long before we pull out the bumbo seat... I can see it now!  Look forward to sharing more with you as time continues!

Until then... Brantley


Lauren said...

She is the most beautiful thing!!!!!!!!!!! I love these pictures!! :)

Lindsay said...

That is the cutest dress!