Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some [picture] updates...

What a beautiful sunshine-y kind of day!  My little lady was full of smiles yet again this morning when I woke her up, and has been that way ever sense!  She is really brightening my day more and more!  Here are some shots I grabbed of her throughout today!  

Here she is watching the tv.  Not really, but she is definitely mesmerized by the moving lights and shapes!

And a little playtime on her back!  You can see our little Toby (our sweet chihuahua) in the background. He also LOVES Katherine Grace and loves being close to where she is!

A little time in her crib.  She's started really appreciating the mobile and usually smiles up a storm when I turn it on.  But not this time.  She was sort of in a daze.  haha

She also LOVES following her momma's every move.  She's not the biggest fan of me leaving the room... and when I move... she follows me with her eyes.  Its kinda funny, but making me worry when I leave her next week to start working again.

Well, there is my bragging for the day.  I love my little girl and thinks she's the most precious thing ever! :)

Until then, Brantley


Simply Amy said...

That last picture just made my heart melt!

LK Clayton said...

Your precious little girl is beautiful!! I stumbled onto your blog recently from another blog, and I love the updates. Your story is amazing, your pictures are beautiful. My husband and I have been in the process of adopting for nearly 8 months now, after years of fertility treatment. Your blog keeps me hopeful. :) God Bless - Karen in NC

The B Family said...

Came across your beautiful adoption video on YouTube today and just had to stop by and learn a little more about your precious family!