Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Week Appt, Stats & Pics!

My little lady turned 2 weeks old yesterday, as most of you already know.  Yeah... I'm a proud momma, but thats okay!  My mom and everyone have already called asking how her appointment went, what her stats were, etc.  Well... to be honest, I don't know a whole lot about what the percentiles mean... but according to our doctor... she's doing very well!  :)

So... for all of you women and mommas out there who understand this stuff... this is for you!

15 Days Old - 2 Week Appointment Stats
7 lbs 12oz  -  Percentile: 30.08
21 1/2" long  -  Percentile: 81.92
14" Head Circumference  -  Percentile: 37.78

She is loving her momma right about now and missing her daddy.  Today was his first day back at work, and boy she has already gotten him wrapped around her finger!  :)  We love her so much and she's already been spoiled by so many!  We've had several visitors, many from church and LOTS of our close friends and family!  She's gotten lots of sweet and thoughtful gifts (including the one in the picture above!)  Our sweet friend, Katie, designed and made the sweet little frame/print for her nursery!  I absolutely love the creativeness that she put into it!  Not to mention the sweet embroidered blankets, bath robes, books and all sorts of other sweet goodies that have been brought to her!  We feel so grateful for the wonderful wishes and gifts that have been given to her!  Everyone has really gone out of their way to make her feel welcome, and to make us feel special!

Here is another one of the blankets that was made for her!  She LOVES this one... its so snuggly & soft!
We also want to thank everyone has brought us meals over the last week or so.  We've gotten everything from home cooked meals to Moe's (a personal favorite) and even deserts!  And we even have several more already lined up for the rest of the week and part of next.  So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!  We're loving this time with her, and praise God for a wonderfully sweet & healthy baby girl!

Until then... Brantley


caycee said...

Brantley she is just beautiful, Congrats to you on your new bundle of joy!

Shae said...

FYI: Under 50th percentile means on the smaller/shorter side & above the 50th percentile means on the larger/taller side. In the 50th percentile is average.
I had to ask my pediatrician to break it down for me, too. Ha!
Anyway...Miss Katherine Grace is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Venessa said...

She is so adorable! I am so glad to hear that she is doing so well!

Rebekah said...

She is just perfect! She is a beautiful baby! Blessings to you!