Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wow, hard to believe that today I turn 27 years old!  I have already been cared for by my sweet husband this morning before leaving for work.  Oh how I love him.  So... here are [SOME] birthday wishes & things I'm so thankful for!!!

1] First & foremost - My beautiful Father!  I can't wait to see Him face to face & be in Heaven one day with Him!
2] My wonderful husband - on this day and everyday, he has lead this family, he prays with us, he loves me with his whole heart and gives so freely!  I love him with everything in me!!!
3] For my beautiful baby girl, Katherine Grace!  We now share a birthday in the same month!  How exciting!  I feel so blessed to have you in my life - you my sweet child, have made this birthday the best!
4] For our families and the support they have shown during the previous months of trials.  For the constant prayers, encouragement and love we've received.  We love you all!
5] For my friends... you know who you are!  But for those who have stuck by my side for many years and walked with me down the rough roads, and celebrated with me during the joyful journeys!  I love you!
6] For Faith.
7] For Joy!  This has been my word throughout our journey, and now my life.  I am thankful for Finding Joy and want to continue my life seeking to find His Joy!  
8] For Support - we have received so much support from friends far away and those we've never even met!  Thank you for the support from people like Leigh and Lauren.  You two ladies mean so much to me and I'm truly grateful to you both!
9] For Love.  Thank you Lord for showing me what REAL love is.  For showing me how to love.. even though it is a daily battle to grasp the real definition in this world.
10] For this beautiful, although crazy life.  I wouldn't have any other way.
11] For the trials I've experienced.  Although in the moment, they are hard, scary and I want nothing by good times... I'm truly thankful for those trials, as they've strengthened my faith and made me into a stronger, more godly woman.
12] For my home.  Even though its far from perfect... its a roof over my head and a comfortable place for us to make many memories with my family!
13] For pictures... simple, yet treasured moments captured in one frame!  Oh I how I treasure those moments that are frozen in time all over our home.
14] The mother who gave birth to our baby.  She is so special to us and we are forever grateful for the brave choice she made to carry this child in her womb, and then make the hardest decision to give her to a new forever family!  We're so thankful.
15] For one more day here on this place we currently call home.  Really though, this is so temporary... I rejoice knowing I have a forever home!

Until then... Brantley


Leigh said...

Happy Birthday Brantley! I know Katherine Grace has made today better than you ever imagined! I hope this next year is full of joy and hope as you watch your baby girl grow and continue to seek His will for your family and your life! Love you friend, so glad I have gotten to walk this road with you! I love that our stories to our children will be so different yet the heart of it is the same!

Shae said...

Happy Birthday!!! Praise God for all His blessings & may we all remember to be thankful everyday. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Wanda said...

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. We love you so much!

Mom and Dad

Simply Amy said...

Happy Birthday Brantley! God Bless!!!

Alison said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was the best one yet!! :)