Monday, January 17, 2011

Katherine Grace - 2 Weeks Old

Don't worry, her 2 week pic is coming once we're "officially" up and going for the day.  But for now... I am up with a fussy little lady.  And while glancing online during a brief moment of silence from her... I noticed it was about to be 6:06am!!!  (which it now is!)  So... even though I wasn't there, this moment is still very special for me.  Right now, at this very moment, my precious gift from God was born exactly 2 weeks ago!  Yeah, I know... I'm a little loopy!  haha  I can't help it though, she's our first and we're sooooo happy to have her!

Her 2 week post to come later today... promise!  Night everyone!  Or should I say... have a great day!

Okay... RECAP:  Here are the Pictures I promised!  :)  I managed to get my little lady naked and happy at the same time!  This was a first and I love how these shots turned out!  I love you baby girl!  You make mommy and daddy so happy!

I just love her sooo much!  :)  Can't wait to look back at these pics and see how much she changes from week to week.  

Until then... Brantley


Katie said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures!

Wanda said...

I love my little Katherine Grace!


TMichelle01 said...

I LOVE her sweet little eyes!


Dana said...

she is absoultely gorgeous!