Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Everyday I seek to find joy in this life.  This world I live in is hard, filled with bitterness and a lack of compassion, filled with ungratefulness and even heartache.  But as I sit here this morning, while snuggled up in my warm house, on my couch, sipping coffee out of a clean coffee cup... I cannot help but ask why? Why am I sitting here in this comfortable living environment, while so many are sleeping in the streets, living in shacks and playing with sticks rather than toys bought from a store.  I sit and think about how incredibly blessed I am to have ALL that I have.  No often, its so easy to take all of that for granted.  Especially, during the holiday season when people are buying more, receiving more and doing more! 

I feel moved by Christmas and the true meaning of it.  Some days I wonder why on earth, we're receiving all of these nice gifts, with colorful wrapping paper.  Why are we not doing more for those who have nothing?  Better yet, why am I not doing more for others who have nothing?  I want so badly to make a difference in the lives of others, and bring a sense of JOY to the life of another.  This past year, especially this past month, I have struggled to define what JOY really means.  I know the real definition... but I struggle to find out what it really feels like.  I'm realizing that Joy is something beautiful, and in my opinion comes from the Maker of this crazy, yet beautiful world we live in.  I have never felt such an indescribable amount of joy, as I do when I seek after Him!  When I sit here, and really truly seek Him.  I get this joy that is so indescribable, that it brings me to tears.

So... this year, I pray that you will all join with me to make a difference during the holiday seasons.  Maybe instead of buying so many gifts and toys for your children, buy some extra and let you and your family make a new tradition.  You can teach your children what its like to give, unselfishly to those around who are much less fortunate than we are!  You can go to the homeless shelter, a soup kitchen or maybe even a Children's Hospital and take goodies to those who are suffering.  You can mail out cards and care packages to those over seas.  You can take dinner to a neighbor who you may know is suffering the loss of a loved one.  Or even sponsor a child.  Its unlimited.... the ways we can help others is not really a sacrifice to most of us.  So... join with me this year and help out someone in need!

Find out what that indescribable joy really feels like!  What are your ideas to help out this Thanksgiving and Christmas season?  Would love to hear feedback!

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Heather said...

What a beautiful post! I have often wondered the same thing-why do I have it so good, when so many others are struggling to survive? Every year, my husband and I enjoy participating in Angel Tree with our church. I love that ministry.