Friday, November 19, 2010

3 Kids... What have we gotten ourselves into?

Okay... so I got a call from my parent's neighbor about a week ago.  She expressed that they were in need of a weekend getaway, pretty badly actually.  hehe  Well... she asked if we would be interested in staying with their kiddos for the weekend.  We could even pick the weekend and they would happily plan their getaway around it!  (they just needed for it to be soon)  Well, before even discussing this with the hubs... I instantly said SURE!  Way to commit to an argument before your hubby even gets home from work. Teasing.  But seriously, his jaw about fell to the floor when I told him the news! (Word of advice, probably best to discuss with your husband before committing to something like this!) In case you didn't notice above... 3 KIDDOS!

Well... that weekend would be starting TODAY and we're officially the "parents" to the 3 precious children for 3 days!  Yipee!  Amy, just in case you happen to be reading this... I am super excited about staying with your kids, promise!  However... this is going to be interesting going from NO kids, to practically parenting 3 young kids, plus 2 dogs.  Thankfully, my parents have opted to take care of our 2 dogs so we wouldn't have to end up with 4!  Geezz... could you even imagine!

So.... Let Parenting 101 begin!  I won't lie, I'm actually looking forward to this weekend.  For several reasons... the experience being 1.  We will be parents soon enough (I hope), and therefore, you can never get better experience than actually living with children and playing mom and pops!  So... I think this will be VERY good for us, or it will scare the craziness out of us!  Either way... hoping for good.

2... they are awesome kids, full of personality and all around the ages that I love!  I'm a HUGE fan of toddlers, and while only one of them is a toddler, this still makes me happy!  The other two are under the age of 6.  They are all very well disciplined and respectful too!

And 3... they are offering to donate some money towards our adoption fund which makes ALL of this a VERY exciting moment!  Well worth it in my book!

So... say a little prayer for us this weekend!  And all of your empty nesters out there... while you're sitting in your quiet house this weekend, sipping on your coffee in the morning... think of us!  :)

Can't wait to post updates later on... Until then... Brantley


Wanda said...

Go for it girl!

Leigh said...

girl, i read the title of your post and FREAKED OUT. I totally thought it meant you were adopting three kids...haha and I thought we were crazy with our two! Hope your weekend goes beautifully!