Friday, November 12, 2010

Can you guess???

Still here, promise!  After the crazy emotional week & weekend we had, our 3 year anniversary (on Wednesday) and being sick most of the week... I'm a little out of it!  Sorry about that.  I am having a better day though.  I woke up this morning after getting no sleep (yet again) and feeling horrible.  I marched myself to the doctor in my pjs looking, well, pretty rough!  But thats okay... because now I have some meds and I've been sitting here on the couch with my babies (aka dogs) all day long!  And let me tell you... I needed that!  My wonderful husband came home during his lunch break to bring me something warm to eat.  He didn't even get himself anything!  That is how selfless my man is!  I love him so much!

A few days back (before I got sick), I went to the fabric store in search of anything imaginable to get my mind off things.  I needed desperately to find a project that I could spend some time working on.  Well, I found some bright, colorful fabric that I LOVE!  

Can you guess what I'm going to make using ALL of this fabric????

Well... since it is going to be a Christmas gift... I can't tell you quite yet.  However... I'd love to know what you're guessing!!!

Until then... Brantley


Lauren said...

so glad you're feeling better!! Are you making a quilt? The fabric is gorgeous! I love all the colors! :)

Timothy and Holly said...

Aww I didn't know you were sick... I hope you feel better soon!

Venessa said...

I hope that you are feeling better! I have been sick too and so I know it is not so fun! Ummm, I am going to guess that you might be working on some of those cute owls you posted about a few days back??