Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This morning has been VERY special for both Richard and I.  We spent the morning in prayer, thanking God for our beautiful journey and all of the other blessings in our lives!  We prayed specifically for the birthmother who is carrying our sweet baby.  We're praying for her strength, and that she will lean on God during this time in her life.  That she will trust His plan for her life and this baby's life.  Thanking God that she did not choose another route, instead chose life!  Chose life for the life that God gave her, and is growing inside of her!

Today, we're truly thankful!  I'm so thankful for this morning, and for all of the mornings that I can wake up next to my husband.  So thankful that He is the leader of our household and that he loves me, but loves the Lord first!  So thankful that he leads our little family in prayer, to pray for the blessings in our life, including the sweet little blessing we haven't met yet.  Until that day...

Brantley & Richard

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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