Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for...

Well... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope each of you who read my blog, have a wonderful holiday and are able to share it with family and friends!  I'm so thankful for the sweet words of encouragement through comments and emails from all of you!  Here is my Thankful List this year!  What are you thankful for... feel free to leave a comment!

1) Most of all, I am so thankful for the love of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross for me!

2) I am thankful for my amazing husband and all that he does!  He is a wonderful leader and the man I always dreamed of, but thought I would have to settle for less.  I didn't and I am so thankful for him!

3) I am thankful for this beautiful journey God has us on.  For the sweet sweet reminders He shows me daily, and for the joy that has come from such a beautiful journey like this!

4) I am thankful for my family and the support they have shown us.  For the constant love they have provided over the years and continue to show.

5) I am thankful for my friends and the amazing friendships I have made over the years.  You know, the ones who are there for you through thick and thin... those really crappy days when you don't deserve a friend, but they stick by your side because they care.  Those lifelong friendships that will never end, I love you ladies!

6) I am thankful for the peace that I feel this morning as I wake up and sit comfortable on my couch.  For the joy that the Lord has given me, especially during this season of my life.

7) I am thankful for provision.  The Lord has been good and He has been faithful.  He has provided in ways I never could have imagined and I am truly grateful.  I am thankful that in 6 short months, the Lord has provided and we have raised and saved over $15,000 for our adoption!  God is good!

8) I am thankful for strength.  The Lord, and only the Lord, has given me the strength to get through some very hard days.  He has given me the strength to wake up each day and never stop.  Thank you.

9) I am thankful for hope.  Because I know that our baby is out there, and that one day we will meet.

10) And I am thankful for the passions and desires that the Lord has given me.  If I have learned one thing this year, it would be that the Lord is magnificent and He can do ALL things!  He constantly amazes me and stretches me into this woman that He wants me to become.  I am still getting there, but thankful that when I seek Him, and I mean truly seek Him, He grants me the desires of His heart!  

So for this holiday season, I pray that each of you would take the time and write down all that you are thankful for.  My list could definitely go on and on, but for this reading sake... I thought 10 would be sufficient.  :)  I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!  

Until then... Brantley

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