Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy 3 Years to the Love of My Life!

Yes, that's right... 3 WONDERFUL years the love of my life today!  3 years ago today, I was at my bridal luncheon with my best friends and family.  I will never forget that day, nor the beautiful memories we made!  After just 3 short years being married, we have experienced a lifetime of memories, had many ups and downs and grown so much.  He is my best friend in the "WHOLE WIDE WORLD" (that's what we say to each other).  I love this man and cannot wait to grow our family together!

This is one my favorite pictures of all time.  This sums up our relationship and love for one another perfectly!  He always makes me smile [and giggle]... and knows how to embarrass me in public by acting like a goof ball!  (in a good way) But no matter what... I love him so much and feel honored to call this man my husband!

Just [some] of the fun memories we've shared together!

Richard... thank you for asking me to be your wife and share in this journey of life together!  I love you with everything I have!  I cannot wait to grow old with you and raise children together!  I look forward to the day when we can hold our babies in our arms and love them, the way we love each other!
You're my best friend in the whole wide world!  :)  Happy 3 years baby!

Until then...


Wanda said...

So priceless! Love you both - happy anniversary! Love you-Mom

Heather said...

What a beautiful post! Your pictures are just beautiful. Just stumbled on your blog today, and can't wait to follow from now on! Happy Anniversary!

Alison said...

Ya'll are such a precious couple!! Happy 3 year Anniversary!!