Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ornaments Available...

Better late than never... right?!  :)  Many of you have sent emails asking what ornaments we have... well... here you go!  So sorry for the tardiness in getting these up.  I know I promised I'd have images up by Monday and that clearly didn't happen.  

We have ONE of each ornament listed.  We've had to make them this way due to paper selections and availability.  So... if you're interested in purchasing one, we're selling them for $10 each.  We were seeking ways to drop the price back down to $5... but realized all of the time and money put into them, $10 wasn't too bad.  Plus, 100% of ALL profits go towards our adoption!  :)

If you want to purchase, one or more, please leave a COMMENT letting me know which letter you would like.  Since there are only 1 of each... be sure to read the other comments to be sure someone hasn't already "purchased" the one you want.  I hope this makes sense.  Then... send us an email at and we will give you our mailing information for checks.  Or... you can bring your money when you come by to pick up your order.  Again... thank you for your support!

G is now SOLD!  :)

J is now Sold.

L is now SOLD. 

M and N are now SOLD!  :)

O is now SOLD!

Also... don't forget to help us spread the word for our Everything Crafty Adoption Auction!!!  Its just one week away!  Auction will start on Monday, October 11th at 8:00am - Wednesday, October 13th & end at 6:00pm!


Leigh said...

I would love to buy M and N! They match my mom's "fancy" tree perfectly and her birthday is friday! She will love these!

Lauren said...

will you be selling these into November? I'd love to include them in my "shop for a cause" day on the 1st! :)

Brantley and Richard said...

Hey Lauren... I may be selling them in November if we get a good response from them. Or... I might try and make them "to order". Just post the pics of the ones I know I can find paper for again. :) And then... sell them based on orders. Thanks for your help!

Timothy and Holly said...

I knew the metallic ones would go fast!

Kristin said...

Hey Brantley!
I want L, J, and G! I'm so excited! They are really cute!

Deana said...

Hi Brantley! I know we don't know each other personally but I would love to have "O"! I have a friend who is pregnant and this would go great with her baby shower presents plus help ya'll out. I found your blog through friends of friends and I've been reading your blog for a while. In my heart I have been wanting to do something to help ya'll bring your baby home and I feel this was a great opportunity! I do pray for ya'll and God is truly opening many doors for ya'll and this child will be very lucky to have ya'll as parents. Anyways, thanks and God Bless :)