Wednesday, October 6, 2010


First of all... thank you for the sweet donations!!!  We've received some really creative, fun items for our Everything Crafty Adoption Auction!  (kinda wordy, sorry!)  I'm loving this stuff and hope you all will too!  Remember, 100% of the funds will go towards the remainder "balance" of our adoption!  We will then be prepared to bring our baby home!!!

Now... for some SPECTACULAR NEWS that I mentioned briefly in my last post.  I can't even begin to express to love and support we've received from soooo many of you, and the beautiful friends we've made since starting this journey!  Well... God is blessing us beyond all measure and His provision is definitely being shown in ways I never imagined!

A few weeks ago we received a phone call from an attorney here in town.  She has been following our blog and has become quite the cheerleader for us!  She's full of encouragement and support, as she's led so many to check out our blog and fundraisers!  Well, in her most recent call she brought me to tears, and total gratefulness to my beautiful Savior!  She said she wanted to help in some way, but didn't know exactly how.  She knew we still had a ways to go with our support, but trusted that the Lord was tugging at her heart to help us in some way.  Well, a good $3-4,000 of our money left to raise is attorney's fees after placement.  Yeah... you're starting to get the picture!  She contacted the other partners of the firm and they all agreed to help us and have offered to do our placement/attorney's costs for FREE!  Seriously??  I would have never dreamed of this in a million years!

This was one of the most unselfish things I have ever heard of!  I couldn't believe that with nothing in it for them, they would feel so led to help us out!  How awesome is that... and how amazing is that reflection of God's grace!  Ahhh.... I'm nearly in tears just thinking about this again.  I wanted to wait until it was official and I knew this was really happening before I mentioned it on here!

Well... now I can finally see the end of the tunnel and how beautiful that is!  I have been so much more at peace lately, feeling like our adoption numbers are becoming more manageable.  This gives me comfort.

Now... I'm sure you're wondering how much more we will need to raise after that... $4,115.00 is the final number as of today.  We've figured that our attorney's fees would have costs us around $3,500, so that is what we took off our "balance".  In just 5 months, we've raised and saved up nearly $15,000!!!  That my friends, is what they called "The Impossible Prayer"!  If you're ever in doubt, or feel God left you on the side of the road many years ago... remember... He is still there!  You just have to trust that He can do MIGHTY things!  I am so thankful for everything, and for each of you who have been so supportive of our journey.  Thank you simply isn't enough!

Keep the faith everyone and don't stop trusting in Him!  All of these blessings are because of Him, and Him alone!

Until then, Brantley


Leigh said...

Awesome! That's amazing news!!!

Meg, Drew, and Ian too! said...

Praise God! What amazing news! That is a beautiful gift from that lawyer and the firm she is with. Having a great lawyer makes the process so much easier. :)

Lauren said...

Praise God!!! That is SO amazing!!! I've read a few stories like this today... God is on the move in the area of adoption! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing NEWS! What I find so amazing about God is that when something is truly in His will, He sometimes will go to extraordinary measures to MAKE it happen. This is such a perfect example of that! Its like HIM giving you a pat on the back telling you to keep down this path. So NEAT!


Paige said...

Wow, this is amazingly wonderful news! What a precious gift from your lawyer friend!