Friday, October 8, 2010

The Impossible Prayer... Recap!

Not to long ago, we had right at $18,000 to raise for our adoption!  We had around $2,000 in our savings already that were going towards our grand total of $20,000!  With the hundreds that joined us and came out of the woodworks to help us with our yard sale, we raised a little over $2,500!  Oh how God is good.  And soon after donations from so many selfless people came in helping us to bring our baby home to us!

As we started this journey a little over 5 months ago... I never dreamed of the blessings we'd experience from this!  God has shown His faithfulness and provision MANY times!  We've met some pretty incredible people, made some amazing lifelong friends and been touched by encouraging stories and love from so many!  We're forever grateful to ALL of you!  Some of you write us weekly saying you wish you could do more... but what you don't understand, is that you've already done more than we could have ever imagined!  Your prayers and your encouragement mean more to us than your donations!  If you're not able to help us financially with support, its okay!  Please pray for us and this journey that is far from over.  If anything, it is just beginning.  We have a baby out there... either being conceived, or being born.  Someone else is carrying our precious child and they too, need your prayers!  The birthmom to our baby needs your prayers as she carries this burden, knowing she will soon give her baby up for adoption.

Our baby needs your prayers, that one day, he or she will come to know the Lord!  To have a personal relationship with our Savior!  The One who has already worked some pretty awesome miracles in such a short amount of time.  Only He could have done these things and I am 100% certain of that!

Countless numbers of you have donated items for giveaways, donated to craft fundraiser, purchased ornaments and t-shirts, donated your funds, helped with our yard sale and the list goes on and on!  We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to each of you.  The time is nearing when we will be on the wait list... any day now... literally!  We now have just under $4,000 to raise and oh how beautiful that number seems to be now!  I never thought it would be possible to get to this point... but we're here!

The "Impossible Prayer" that we talked about a few posts back... we're here!  And God is so good!  Thank you, as I sit here and cry onto the keyboard just doesn't seem nearly enough.   Please continue to pray for us, our baby and all who are involved in this babies life!  Please pray as we are days away from our VERY LAST FUNDRAISER!  Our EVERYTHING CRAFY ADOPTION AUCTION!  Yes... it starts MONDAY!  We have so many wonderful items... so please come check back here and SHOP!  100% of ALL proceeds go towards bringing home the last of our MONEY!!!!

What we have so far.....

• Handmade jewelry
• Crocheted Baby Blanket
• Handmade Coasters (2 Sets)
• Handmade Painted Canvas Gallery Wraps (2)
• 3 Sets of 5 of Handmade Christmas Cards w/ envelopes
• Children's Apron
• Your Name in a Frame (custom signage)
• Custom Designed Wall Art (w/ saying)
• 24 Homemade Cupcakes (yum!)
• USC Children's Dress (made to order via size)
• Handmade Picture Frame
• LOTS of Christmas Ornaments
• Photography Prints
• Adoption T-Shirts (LOTS!)


Suze said...

That is awesome, Praising Jesus that he made it go from impossible to become possible to make your dreams come true to bring home that sweet baby :) I've been praying for y'all and will continue to do so!

Lauren said...

Praise God!! He is so able to do anything and I've never really understood that until this adoption journey... he truly makes the impossible happen!! Praying for you and looking forward to Monday! :)

Venessa said...

This is so amazingly awesome! I do not know if that even makes sense but God is so good and I love hearing how He continues to work for your family!