Friday, September 10, 2010

Finances and Blessings

Well, today has been a hard day in terms of thinking about money!  I know without a doubt that God will provide in His own timing and His own way.  However, we're still short a good chunk - $8,000 to be exact!  Now... before I complain about money, we're extremely blessed.  We started the actual process only 4 months ago and in that time have saved and raised a little more than $10,000!  That is amazing and HUGE financial blessing to us.  However, since our mega yard sale (raising a HUGE $2,500), we've since hit a stand still!  Its starting to get to me and I'm beginning to get discouraged.  Now that we will be starting our homestudy soon... that means we're getting one step closer to our baby.  That is awesome, while at the same time... scares the mess out of me!

Richard and I are very good with our money and very much for living within your means (budget).  We have tried starting off our marriage by not being in debt.  We've seen what it does to people and how it can destroy marriages, families and people in general.   We've worked really hard to be financially smart, & this is something we're extremely proud of.  So... we're still asking for your help in raising funds to bring our baby home.  We're still saving ourselves, but unfortunately, we're not able to save fast enough.  As a friend just wrote recently on her own adoption blog... Satan is against adoption and He's out to get us!  It definitely seems like a trend that just when you get enough saved... something happens and that money has to be used elsewhere.  :(

So... we're in need of some help and creativity!  Any ideas for fundraising is still greatly appreciated!  We have already done a yard sale, and attempted at giveaways.  Hopefully, we will have more in the works here soon.  Other than that... our next idea is to create ornaments to sell.  If any of you crafty or creative minds have some ideas for those... please do share!!!  :)  If I can get some help or volunteers together, I'm planning on hosting a "Ornament Making Night" sometime in the near future.  Then, I am hoping to sell them on my blog.  Hopefully, with your help, we can make this possible.

Look forward to some great feedback from you!

Until then... Brantley


Lauren said...

I was going to suggest a craft sale - we did one a few weeks before Christmas last year and raised almost $1,000! :) Selling adoption t shirts seems to work well for some people, though we haven't tried it.

I'll be praying for you! We have about $8,000 left to raise too, so I know just how you feel!

Amy said...

We had a bake sale at our church one Sunday after the morning service and raised $1700! It was amazing! It was all profit because all of the baked goods were donated by ladies in the church. We're planning on having another one after referral. It was definitely an easy and quick way to raise adoption money!!

Joy: said...


I am a friend of a friend. I was led to your page by Shawn Helms Nix, a college friend. I really enjoy reading your blog. We (you and I) are on the same road, different path. I wanted to suggest to you an idea that I read on another blog. A family searched for a special picture that they would like to hang in the the nursery. They had the picture made into a 1000 piece puzzle. Then they "sold" puzzle pieces for $1 each. As the pieces were sold the name of the donor was written on the back of a puzzle piece. When they were all sold the puzzle was assembled and hung. The plan is to show the child the back of the puzzle one day. This shows them how many people worked so hard to bring them home. Plus, they raised $1000 bucks! Just an idea!

Joy Kinard

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I think the ornament idea is a great idea! One thing that may or may not be a viable option would be to solicit sellers who would consider donating a portion of their proceeds during a certain time frame for a big promotion on your website, then asking followers to refer people and promote it on their own blogs. People always love hearing about cute new products :-)

Brantley and Richard said...

Thank you sooooo much for sharing these ideas with us! Keep them coming guys.... they're VERY appreciated!

Timothy and Holly said...

I'm a big fan of the homemade auction, just let me know when I can start crafting and spreading the word. I asked a few people at church today and they said that they would love to donate. I love the puzzle idea and the ornaments!!

Venessa said...

Hi, I am new blog follower. I totally understand how you are feeling. We have just started the adoption process as well and it seems overwhelming at times. I think that craft night and bake sales are good ideas. Have you looked into Just for coffee?? People can buy coffee and a portion goes to you guys. That could be another option.

Wanda said...

I will crochet a couple of baby blankets and also a large throw with a special design. I can also bake some sour dough bread if you want to have a bake sale.