Thursday, August 26, 2010


Okay... so I am officially on vacation!  Yipee!  Not only am I excited about tomorrow because it's my first official day off [in a very LONG time], but also because its our adoption training day!  This means, one step closer to bringing our baby home!  Wahooo!  Can anyone else sense the excitement in my voice right now?  The training class with our agency will be an all day class.  We get to hear from a birth mom while there!  That my friend, is what I am looking forward to the most!  I am craving to hear (in person) the perspective of a birth mom.  To hear from her, the feelings she felt when she said goodbye, what she felt when she held her child for the last time, and how she has dealt with not having her baby in her life anymore.  I don't want to hear those things in a mean way... but to gain perspective from the other side.

Oh how I admire these moms.  They are so brave and have no idea how admirable it is.  How much I respect them for loving their baby so much, that they are choosing to give their child a better life.  So, please pray for us tomorrow as we listen and learn.  We will also be learning about the logistics and what to expect from this point on.  Crazy to think by October we will most likely be on the waiting list.  

Until then, Brantley (mom-to-be!)

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Leigh said...

October is SO CLOSE! seriously you think it is so far away but it will be here before you know it!

Hope you have an amazing time tomorrow and that you learn a ton! Tomorrow will be a blessing for you, I just know it!