Saturday, August 28, 2010

Online Auction...

Hey everyone!  As something we had planned originally for one of our fundraising projects... we're doing an Auction!  Well, sort of.  The original plan was to do a spaghetti dinner/live auction.  We already received a couple of things (hotel vouchers, gift cards & custom items) and currently have someone painting some large gallery wraps for us.  But other than that, we are still in need of some great items you'll be willing to donate.  Here is the deal though.  Because our yard sale turned out to be WAY bigger of a deal than we ever imagined, and because so many friends and family helped us out - we feel terrible asking for more help just 2 months later.

However... since we're still in need of raising almost $8,000, we need to do more fundraising!
Since we're not in a place to plan, organize and come up with everything needed for a big dinner and auction, we've decided to do an online auction right here on our blog!  We are still asking for your help though!  We need your help in spreading the word to get people here to shop!  We need your help with donations (yes, again!) to auction off!  We also need your help and prayers to make this a great success!  Ever since we stopped receiving donations for our weekly giveaways, we've noticed a decrease in blog readers, hits on our blog, as well as feedback in many areas.  To be honest, that hurts.  I'm noticing a trend on so many other blogs where giveaways are given, that the number of people come in flocks!  Boy, when something is given away and they can take back from it... people have no problem spreading the word about your blog, cause or anything else.  I'm sorry to say it, but its true.  In reality, its sad and selfish.

So, we have NO incentive to give you - except that you will be helping us bring a baby home through your selfless acts of spreading the word!  We haven't set a date/weekend for the online auction at this time, however, we will here shortly.  We appreciate your help greatly!

Please keep checking in for more information in the future!

Until then, Brantley


KCH said...

We're still here! Praying and supporting you along the way. Count me in for a "South Carolina" & "Gamecocks" print, or if they aren't local people, "Faith" & "Hope" xoxo

Leigh said...

Great! We are starting our raffles again in September! Can't wait to spread the word about your auction! I have seen some recently that raised a ton of money, I'm sure yours will too!

Amber Walters Photography said...

I'd love to donate something for the auction. Unfortunately, I don't know what that would be right now. I'll have to look around and see what I can find.