Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life and Reflection

Well, this week has been truly wonderful so far!  I really needed this even more than I initially thought.  The time off has given me some much needed time to relax and reflect on everything going on in my life right now.  I've grown to appreciate some things, things that lately, well, I've taken for granted.  So... in my effort to remember these more often, here is a list I've compiled.  In no real particular order, but somewhat in order of remembrance!  :)

1) The wonderful people God placed in my life at a very early stage in life.

2) The family that took me in as their own while my dad fought the battle of life while going through his very rare and deadly form of cancer.  For my aunt Katie and uncle Tim, who loved us unconditionally & raised us as their own.  For grandma Thelma and my forever missed grandaddy Herman, oh how I will always remember the love you have shown us.  And for mamie and papa who also loved us to pieces!

3) My beautiful savior who gave my dad a second chance and saved him from cancer - even after the doctors only gave him 2 months to live.  The doctors even called that one a miracle!  Praise Him!

4) The teachers who had patience with me when I struggled with my learning curve growing up.

5) The youth leaders who were placed in my lives at just the right time and helped lead me to the Lord.  Thank you!

6) The tests of my faith throughout the years, especially my year living in Greenville on my own.

7) The Lord being my rock, my only rock during my days of loneliness, feeling like I had nowhere to turn.

8) For those beautiful days of surrender in '03, the days the Lord truly molded me and saved me!

9) For the precious people He put in my life during the times I needed friends the most!

10) For my sweet friend, Rossie, who has stuck by my side since our senior year in high school.  Even after living in separate states for the last 7+ years since!

11) For December 31st, 2006 when God placed my husband into my life on the most memorable day of my life!  I will never forget New Years Eve!

12) For December 31, 2006 when he placed some lifelong friends in my life that same day.  For Becky who has been by my side since, and even stood with me on my wedding day!

13) For the most beautiful day of my life to date, November 10, 2007 when I married my best friend!

14) For the trials that soon came into reality early on in our marriage when the Lord tested our faithfulness! I am so thankful for those moments, as they taught us so much and molded us into the couple we are today!  We're forever stronger!

15) The day we signed a 3 year lease on my studio and seeked you for months leading up.  Seeking your will and trusting in you for guidance!  We trusted you Lord!  For the loss of my husband's job that very same day, oh Lord, how we trusted you!

16) For the comfort and HOPE you gave us during a very hard 6 months with no job for Richard!

17) For the day when you opened the doors WIDE OPEN and showed your faithfulness to us when you provided!  Oh how grateful we are to this day for the way you told YOUR story!  How beautiful you are!

18) For the day when we had NO more to live on and on that day YOU provided and gave Richard a job and us strength!

19) For the beautiful memories we have made and stories to tell!  Stories of how awesome you are Lord!  We have so much to be eternally grateful for!

20) For this beautiful passion you placed on my heart at a very early age!  This passion to bring a child into this world through adoption!  Oh how its such a beautiful reflection of your love for us!

21) For the day when we committed and signed the papers to start our journey of bringing home our baby that you have called us towards!  Thank you, Lord!

22) For the beautiful ways in which you lead us to the church we now call our place to serve!  We're so blessed to be there and serve in the ways YOU have called us to serve!

23) For our families, even when we struggle with the "whys", you have a plan!  Lord, we're trusting you have a beautiful plan, and we're just seeking the days of JOY!

24) For my wonderful husband!  Oh how He seeks you with all his heart and that brings a smile to my face!  Thank you for placing such a godly man into my life when I thought one day I would have to settle for less!

25) For the overwhelming and selfless support from sooo many during our adoption yard sale!  The hundreds of donations from so many, including those we've never met!  The countless number of hours put in by friends and family leading up to the sale & the day of.  And those who came out and supported us by shopping and just encouraging us!  We're forever thankful!

26) For this story you're telling through us... Lord thank you!  I am so thankful you have chosen us to tell this story!  We hope this life will glorify you!

Well... this sums it up to date.... I'm sure there are many many many more things to be thankful for... but for now, this gives me so much hope to press forward!  Thank you for your daily reminders of how YOU are in control of this life!  Not me.

Until then, Brantley


Simply Amy said...

Thank you for posting this! It is so refreshing to see someone be so on fire for the LORD. God is good and he will provide. You and your family are in my prayers. God Bless!!!

Rossie said...

I'm so thankful for you too, Braaanley. :) Wish we were in SC already. :(

kristin said...

Brantley~ This is beautiful! So incredible to see the ways God has worked in your life. It is so encouraging! We will be praying for you during this adoption journey you are on, and I know he will bless you for your faithfulness.