Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Just a reminder that we've schedule our Yard Sale date for Saturday, July 31st.  We haven't decided on a location at this time.  We're aiming to find a good spot with lots of traffic!  :)  We could really use all of your support, donations and even prayers as we work to create a successful yard sale!  We have so much to do as we prepare for our event.  We've had lots of people offer donations, or send out emails letting us know they'd like to help!  Any tips or ideas to help make it even more successful will be even better!  We had a couple people mention offering baked goods and lemonade for profit as well.  So... anyone like to bake or make goodies??  We'd love your help!  Also, if anyone is available that Saturday to help us set up, sell or just to come out for moral support - I promise we'll have fun!  We will aim for an early morning so that the heat isn't unbearable!  

Again, we appreciate everyone's help and prayers as we gear up for an exciting sale!  Thank you again!
To offer donations or to help out in any way you can shoot me an email at richardandbrantley@yahoo.com
We are more than happy to pick anything up from your home or location.

I just got home for the evening and wanted to share some exciting new things!  Today, I met up with a past bride of ours who donated some things for our adoption sale!  I was excited to see her again and even more encouraged by what she had donated to us.  :)  She donated some great purses, a few were COACH purses!!!  I'm really hoping we can get some good money for these babies!  Also, I was pleasantly surprised when my parents called. They said that someone had left some things outside their house Monday when they came home from work!  We have no clue who it was (so, if you are reading this and it was you - THANK YOU!)  It means a lot to us.  There was a nice rug and beautiful lamp shade for a chandelier.  All great items that I am hoping we can make some money from these too!

We still receive emails wandering if we will accept clothes, jewelry, and other things?  Yes, Yes, & Yes!  We will gladly accept anything that you are willing to provide to our adoption sale!  The more, the merrier!  And once again, if you can't donate, but would like to help in any way - you're WELCOME to help in any way that you're willing to.

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Leigh said...

Still getting together a box of donations for you! I would love to make a few things for the bake sale if you end up doing it and if you need help pricing things in the week before the sale just let me know!