Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Serve a Mighty God

Wow, what an incredible weekend and Monday!  It is now Tuesday and I am emotionally and physically exhausted!  I am overwhelmed with joy though, knowing that I serve such a mighty God!  Yesterday (Monday), I was able to share a very special day with two very special people.  My sweet friend, Brooke and her husband, gave birth to two special little miracles yesterday evening.  Brooke and Justin have one incredible story and an even great testimony to share now that their precious babies have entered this world!  Yes, you heard right, they had twins!  Two incredibly perfect miracles, boy and girl!  Their names are Samuel and Selah.  I was so excited to be able to be there and share with their families and other friends as we anxiously awaited their arrival.  I felt honored to capture these precious memories for them as well!  

At one point when Brooke decided she was tired and just ready for these babies to enter this world, they prepared her for c-section.  Before leaving for the O.R., Brooke had some of us girls come in and pray over her!  What an incredible honor it was!  I managed to capture some beautiful moments as her sweet friends crowded around her hospital bed and layed their hands gently on her belly.  As the tears flooded Brooke's eyes, all I could think about was the day I meet my precious baby!  I kept trying to think what must be going through her mind and what on earth she must be feeling!  It was so perfect and just a miracle to be able to witness.  I couldn't have been happier for them as they took her off!  Not too much longer, a nurse came and got me, asking me to follow her to the doors of the O.R.  I couldn't believe it, I was stunned by the nurses overflowing love for them!  They told me stand just outside the doors and next thing I know, those double doors flung open and there Justin was beaming from ear to ear with two precious babies in his arms!

The proud proud family!
Justin and his new baby boy, Samuel!  Selah is over to the right, but too far to capture from the window we stood behind.  :(
I love his little reflection in the glass.  He's looking towards Selah.  I'll bet he's wandering where she is, especially after being so close in the womb for so long.

Ahhhh... I'm tearing up thinking about it now!  It was awesome day!  Please continue to pray for Brooke and Justin & their sweet additions, Samuel and Selah!

When we got back home, late last night, Richard and I just sat in bed and talked about what our day will be like.  What it will feel like the day we meet our precious baby that God has picked out especially for us!  What a beautiful day that will be.  We're counting down the days and anxiously awaiting that wonderful day!  For now, we wait and we pray.  We pray for the mother of our baby, and for our baby who will have a forever home with us!  We cannot wait to meet you sweet child of ours!  Until then, Brantley


Wanda said...

Oh my! How adorable!

Amanda said...

What an awesome night! A long awaited victory. Glad we all got to hang out. Great pics