Friday, September 18, 2009

Date Night ...

Okay, so after one incredibly long week... its now FRIDAY! Normally Fridays wouldn't be all that great, because at this point, my week is still going strong. Typically, Sundays are when things begin to slow down for us. But, knowing we have the weekend off - we planned for a special date night. And trust me.. after the week I've had, I needed it badly!

With a stressful and super emotionally crazy week - I'm glad its near an end. Busy work schedule consisting of TONS of editing (which I'm still not caught up with), photo shoots, and meetings. Plus, to top it all off - we were audited for the first time ever! :( It was okay, pretty grueling to be honest though. Because of Richard's new job - we will now be audited automatically every year. Put it this way, even if you're doing things straight and by the books (which we are), this is every business' owner worse fear! The dreadful audit. If anyone needs advice on dos and don'ts... don't hesitate to ask. I know all the answers now! ;) I'll be happy to help give you advice on what we know and what we've recently learned.

So, now back to the date night. When Richard got home from work, we played with the dogs (Toby and my parents dogs, whom we're dog sitting). Fed them, let them out and on our way we went. We started the evening off with a little Zaxby's. Knowing we had a 7:10pm movie time - we decided for something quick. I was perfectly fine with that! :) Then, we went to the theatre to see Love Happens.

Although this movie was not at all what I was expecting... I have to admit... I liked it! I guess I hadn't paid a whole lot of attention to the previews...I knew the guy (Aaron Eckhart) played a self-help author. But I guess what I didn't know was how sappy and sad the movie was going to be. The acting was really good, and it had some humorous moments - but all in all - it was a little sad for the most part of the movie. For me, after the week I had, I was hoping for more of a silly, cute and fun love story. Something a tad more light hearted. Don't get me wrong, I can definitely see myself watching this again. But, I think being a little more prepared would have been nice. The end was cute... wish there would have been a little more though. Even after all of that - I'll give it an 8.5 out of 10. That's pretty good coming from me! ;) Until next time....

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