Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year...Let's bring on 2009!!!

Well I can honestly say this has been one amazing year! Richard and I have so much to be thankful for and truly feel blessed. It crazy to look back at all that we've been through in right at a year! We decided to have a low key New Year's celebration this year. My brother-in-law, Bob, gave us a gift card to Fire Fox Grill for Christmas. So, we decided to save a little and use that to eat out with. We also decided (just earlier today, I might add) that we would write each other letters remembering our TOP 10 Favorites memories from the year. Over dinner we reviewed each others lists and talked about all of the wonderful memories we've already made! Just being able to look back and recall so many wonderful things is so special to me. Most of all - having our pictures from all of these times - well lets just say that makes it 100 times better! ;)

Regardless of your year, I hope each of you can look forward to the future and keep your eye on all that God has done for you over the year. We try each and every day to remember how truly blessed we are. So, with that being said - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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