Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Studio & Home for All Dressed Up Photography

Well as most of my friends and family all know, I have been eagerly searching for a good home for my business! Working from home doesn't quite cut it! It has been hard (especially now being a married women) to separate work from home! That is really hard and is now getting harder the more our business grows. Anyway...for several months we have been searching day and night for the perfect space! Not just any space, but a home!

Well after months of searching, giving up, then searching again...we found a place! Now the new home to All Dressed Up Photography! We couldn't be more thrilled. So, if you want more details on the space and how we found it, etc...check out our work blog!

Until, here are some pictures. It won't be completed until March 1st! But once it is, we will show you the end result! This first picture is of the outside of my studio. We have a nice patio area with up lit palm trees. Large 15 foot floor to ceiling windows!

The space will be completed with maple hardwoods, neutral painted walls, track lighting and lots of decorating!

My favorite part of the space is the floor to ceiling windows! Aren't they beautiful!

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