Thursday, July 21, 2011

Such encouragement!

Wow... what a hot, sticky day today was!  It was miserable... up until the point of FINALLY meeting Angela Braniff!  You can see their blog HERE.  

I was so looking forward to today and being able to present her with the funds in which God provided!  (by the way, they are the family we were supporting through the month of July - by fundraising with sessions and workshops!)  Anyway... we met and we clicked instantly!  (at least I thought so!)  We talked about adoption [of course], about Teri Lynn, about photography and about living this crazy life we live!  We seemed to have so much in common and it was so encouraging to me after this crazy, confusing, emotional week I have had.  I am thankful for this time I had to share with her today.

Also... I felt [even more] clarification that this was the RIGHT family for us to support!  God placed this family in my lap at just the right moment.  We had been praying for a family to support in some way... a family to give back to!  Randomly, I received a friend request from her on facebook... turned out we know some mutual people.  I then found her blog and the connection took off from there!  We had so many (that we didn't know) give so graciously to us when we adopted... and we simply wanted to give back.  Angela's heart is so beautiful!  Her passion for orphans, her 'oh so sweet' compassion for these children with special needs and just her heart as a believer in Christ - well... its just beautiful!  

I left our lunch feeling so motivated and even more on fire for Him and this fight to save these orphans and advocate for them!  They do not have a voice... but WE DO!  It is our duty to stand up for them and spread the word about these children!  And... Teri Lynn's story affected me on so many levels.  It has opened the door to conversations with my husband about our next adoption (YES... our next one!)... and it has opened my heart to children I never thought I could see myself parenting!

God is so good and His timing is even greater!  I am so thankful for the MANY blessing He has given, and even more so for the gentle reminders He has shown me through the lives of others!  Today, I want to say thank you to Angela for sharing her heart and for being such a beautiful example, and such an inspiring advocate for these orphans!  My words are jumbled up in my head tonight... so if something sounds unclear... I'm sorry!  :)

To read more about the Braniff's story and their journey to bring home their baby... click HERE.
Also... if you feel led to give a donation, or help them become one step closer to bringing their baby home... you can also give on their blog by using their Paypal link! I'm sure they're all greatly appreciated!

Until then... Brantley

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