Saturday, July 23, 2011

BIG things!

Oh my... Lord, how you have changed my heart!  I am not the same... and I am okay with that!  You have sent me so many CRAZY reminders... not gentle... CRAZY!!!  You have moved me, you have given me a voice and you have brought me to my knees yet again.  Teri Lynn's story has radically changed me and my family.  We went as far as to get in touch with her contact at Reece's Rainbow and then the with agency involved.  After so many prayers and answers from our God... its clear to us that Teri Lynn is not in fact our child.  As much as this breaks a piece of me... I must trust in HIS plan.  Marianne, who is Teri Lynn's contact at Reece's Rainbow informed us that there has been an out pour of families seeking to adopt Teri Lynn.  Although no commitments have been made at this time - they're confident that one of these families will be approved soon.  [praying so hard that this happens soon!]

This also gave us the confidence we needed to move forward.  I am still an emotional wreck about this little girl, but so thankful to be more aware of what is going on around the world.  I am beyond excited about the plans He has in store for our family!  He has already opened so many doors for us, and continues to show me new things!

In fact... we have something pretty excited in the "works"!  Something BIG that He has placed on my heart over the last month or so.  Teri Lynn's story helped give me a strong push... and opened our eyes to much more!  I'm thrilled!  I cannot wait to share with you our news... but not yet!  I will say though... its going to be exciting!  Please continue to pray for Teri Lynn and ALL of the other precious faces at Reece's Rainbow!  There are sooo many in the same situation as Teri Lynn and they all need your prayers and support!  Join me in praying and spreading the word for these children!

Until then... Brantley


Bryan and Stacy said...

I just wanted to let you know that you guys have been on my mind ever since you told us about Terri Lynn. I am so excited to hear that she will be getting a family to love her. I can't wait to read about your exciting news. Also, I added Reece's Rainbow button to my blog just to help support their mission. Your story has touched my heart. Thanks for sharing!

Kim and Scott said...

That is wonderful news about Terri Lynn getting a forever family that will love her finally. I can certainly see how you can be drawn to her! She is precious. Praying for her and for your family as well. I'm certain God has more BIG plans and I'll be awaiting the news!