Thursday, July 14, 2011

Me & My 4-legged friend!

Katherine Grace and our sweet pooch, Lexie are definitely the best of pals!  Its actually kind of humorous... almost as though they share a special language together or something.  They will hang out on the rug in Katherine Grace's playroom for hours while she plays... and Lexie even lets her crawl all over her, while pulling at her ears.  Poor dog... she puts up with so much!  Don't worry though, we set boundaries with these two pals and don't allow Katherine Grace to hurt her, or allow get too rough.  

Here are some moments from yesterday...

It was funny, because they were playing and I said, "hey, Lexie!" and they both looked up at me!  haha

And of course, our sweet Lexie decided she wanted to be center of attention (at least for 1 shot)!

And here is Katherine Grace standing up!  She pulls herself up all the time... its becoming hard to keep up with her!  

Such a proud little lady!  More updates to come soon... for now... we have to pack, because we are off to Murrell's Inlet for the weekend to photograph a wedding!  This will be one of the few nights we will be away from our little princess!  I'm excited for a night away with my love, but I also know how much I will miss her!  

Until then... Brantley

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