Wednesday, June 8, 2011

God's Decision - By Robyn

I have a blog reader who has been so encouraging to us and given so generously!  She has no idea how thankful we are to her.  But recently, after reading her blog... I felt like it was her time for some encouragement!  I was so moved by the way she wrote this post!  The way she told her story so candidly, so truthfully, but straight from the heart in the most real way possible.  She allowed me to share it with you - but only if it was in a way that could encourage others, and of course, bring glory to Him!  I pray this will in fact encourage some of my readers, as many of you have faced infertility issues, had miscarriages, etc.  Although Richard and I have not been down this path - we feel so blessed to hear so many stories of God's faithfulness through yours! Please hop on over to Robyn's blog and if you feel the need, or maybe if you've been in her shoes before - offer up some words of encouragement.  I can only imagine this time of grief and what she must be feeling.  

Robyn, thank you for sharing and we will continue to pray that God blesses you with another child someday soon!  In His timing of course!

Until then... Brantley

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