Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adoption Spotlight- The Braniff's!

Hi everyone!  I have been so eager to give back in the adoption community, especially after bringing home our sweet bundle of happiness!  :)

A month or so ago, Angela Braniff found me on facebook and we've been in touch since.  Recently, Richard and I have been praying of ways we can help out someone else who is adopting.  But not just anyone, someone we barely know.  You see, we're grateful for ALL who helped, but were especially moved by those who reached out so generously to help us when they didn't even know us.

So.... meet the Braniff's!

You can click HERE to read their story and why God is calling them to adopt their next child from Ethiopia!  

Also... our photography business has been blessed in more ways than one.  About 3 years ago, I made a commitment to use our business to glorify Him, and not just myself.  I vowed that I would use it in ways that might benefit others, and not just bring in lots of money for ourselves.

So... with the help of YOU, our talents and a whole lot of fun - we're offering 45 mini sessions for $125!  $75 from each session booked during the month of July will go straight to the Braniff's to support them in their journey and to help bring home their baby from Ethiopia!

If you're in the Columbia, South Carolina area and are interested... please join with us to help support them!  We want to be overwhelmed with sessions, so we can blow their socks off!
To learn more about our work... go to

We're so excited to watch and see what God continues to do for this family!  Please join with us by praying for them and their journey, and pray that He will be glorified in everything!  

Until then... Brantley


Tony and Kelly said...

Hi Brantley! We were in your August training class last year :) I hope in the future you'll consider us as a "spotlight" family! We are still waiting :) And still fundraising! Ive been trying to reach out on facebook and other avenues and we've raised a few thousand dollars but still have a ways to go!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog thru who knows where and I love it. My husband and I are currently in the domestic program thru Bethany!

Robyn said...

This is such an amazing thing to do! We're not in SC, but I'll be praying for the Braniff's and that your July sessions will be full for them!

AdoptaMixon said...

Hi Brantley!
I have been following your posts recently as we just started our adoption journey through Bethany as well. We are in Lexington, so keep updating on families. We are blessed with generous friends and family, but have just begun the fundraising. I know it will be challenging and inspiring. I have loved reading about your journey. I hope you'll add my family to your prayer list as we wait for a little one.