Wednesday, June 15, 2011

23 Weeks

Katherine Grace was 23 weeks on Monday!  I cannot believe how fast each week flies by and how she is 5 months old!  I still have a hard time thinking about it!  I posted these on fb, but never had time to do a post here!  So... here you have my baby girl!

I couldn't decide on just one... especially since her facial expressions are so funny to me!  So, I picked two this week!  :) 

What she is doing now:

1] Katherine Grace is sitting up really well.  She still uses that hand to prop herself up, but for 5 months.. I feel like this is really good!
2] She is loving her solids.  Still trying to ween her off a bottle, and take fewer ones... but she's like clock work!  When its bottle time... she's ready and there is no messing with that!
3] Her excersaucer is her favorite "toy" right now!  Well, with the exception of Sophie the giraffe!  She still loves that teething toy!
4] No teeth have popped through and though I'm not wishing for it.... I cannot believe one hasn't!  I can see it very clearly under the gum, and they've been giving her a fit.  But no luck yet!
5] She's still a happy baby!  I seriously have never seen a baby so happy, so often as she is.  People ask us all the time if she's always as happy as she looks in her pics.  The truth is... yes!  By no means is she perfect and never has her moments, but for the most part... she really is this happy!
6] Crawling you ask?  Not quite, but almost.  She can pick herself up on all fours and will rock back and forth.  She can also scoot backwards, but hasn't quite figured out the crawling part yet.  Again, any day now.

Well, that's it for today!  My sweet baby girl is growing up right before my eyes.  More updates and pics to come soon!

Some more grown up news... Richard and I are praying hard about some BIG things right now.  Changes, and what our future holds for our family.  If you'll keep us in your prayers, we'd really appreciate it!  We're so excited to see what God has for our lives, and how He has continued to use us!  It really is pretty awesome!

Until then... Brantley

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