Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding Weekend

Well, one of my very best friend's is tying the knot this weekend!  Praise the Lord, this has been an answered prayer and blessing like no other!  We're all beyond thrilled about this day and cannot be happier for Becky and JK!  You may remember me talking about these two a few months back.  I posted the little video I created of their actual engagement!  I was so honored to have been there to photograph and grab some video footage of their sweet proposal!  And you may also remember, that I got to play match maker on these two - first time ever - and it worked!  ;)

So... here some shots from her bachelorette party last night!  The rehearsal is tonight, and wedding on Sunday!  So, lots more pics to come throughout the weekend!  I cannot wait!

Becky (aka - bride to be), me, Kim and Lauren!  All some of the original clan!  We all became friends instantly and have been a part of each other's weddings!

This is Brooke, me and Becky!  Brooke on the far left is also a photographer and we became friends through a random email asking a photography question!  What a sweet sweet friend she has become and we've both captured the most the priceless images for one another! I was blessed to be there when her twins were born and document that entire day.  And she was there at the hospital when we picked up Katherine Grace and brought her home!  I love both of these ladies!

So... there you have it!  Cannot wait to share more from this amazing weekend still to come!  Until then... Brantley

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