Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Well... we're back from the beach and I miss it already!  What a wonderful, relaxing week we had.  Much needed I might add!  I love the ocean... its truly the most natural, peaceful place on earth!  One giant creation made by my Savior!  It doesn't get any better than that!  Now... onto my favorite things!
(By the way... a full post on our week at the beach is to come... promise)  These are listed in no particular order.  

#1 - the ocean!!!  (sort of gave that away in the opening comments!)

#2 - Infantino Flip (2 -Way [front & back] baby carrier)
This thing has come in handy MULTIPLE times!  We love using it, especially while at the beach!

And did I mention she LOVES it too!  (or maybe she just loves the camera)  ;)

#3 - THIS Man!  (my husband!)
Why?  Because he puts up with my crazy self and loves me like no one ever has before!  I love him because he wears pink and isn't afraid to be himself!  He's loving, caring, romantic and the most godly man I know.  I love you Richard!

Young House Love is an awesome DIY blog that I started following several months back.  Its a couple that documents the stages of redesigning their home(s).  They've recently bought a new home and have started over with redesigning.  Not everything is my style... but their ideas and tips are so cool!  I love this blog... and LOVE almost anything DIY!  :)

#5 - The little girl who brings so much JOY to our lives!  My sweet blessing, Katherine Grace!

And this... well this is my baby girl, Katherine Grace!  And can you guess how old she is today??   20 Weeks old... and its starting to hit me how fast she is growing up!  I cried the other day after I realized she's about to be 5 months old this Friday!

That's it for today... just a few of my favorite things!  (again... in no particular order!)

Until then.... Brantley

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