Monday, March 21, 2011

My baby girl is 11 Weeks!

I won't go on my rant today about how crazy it is that she is 11 weeks old!  Instead, I'll share with you my 'Oh so cute' baby girl!  Ahhh.... I love these from her mini session we did with her!  Enjoy!

And yes, I'm fully aware it is not exactly time to be wearing white shoes/sandals.  But you know what... she's too stinkin cute, and I'm not really that concerned! :)  I'm pretty sure she's able to pull it off!  ;)

Until next time... Brantley


Lauren said...

she is SO beautiful!! I can't get over it! I love her little spring outfit!! :)

Shelly said...

Those pics are beautiful! She can definatly pull off the white! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh these are adorable! I love love love the first one!