Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to find THE one?

That is the question I have been asked since I made the post about my wonderful husband, Richard.  Now, before I begin... I do NOT proclaim to be a dating expert, nor do I claim to know much of anything about dating!  However, the number 1 question I was asked after that post was - "where did you meet him & what did you do to find him?"  haha I cannot help but laugh on the inside after some of the emails and comments we received.

For starters... God's hands were ALL over our meeting & relationship from day one.  I used to ask that same question when I was single.  How can I meet The one?  Rule #1: Sit back and allow God to introduce you.  The end.

There is really nothing more to it.  I can pretty much promise you (and most wives out there will probably agree with me)... that he will come into your life when you're least expecting it!  At least that was the case in my life and all of my friends lives!  :)

Richard really is the love of my life.  I swore up and down that I would need to settle in what I was looking for in a husband.  In fact, I nearly made that mistake a few years before meeting him.  Praise God that I didn't make the mistake of that, and instead, waited on His plan!  And oh how worth it was!  I am truly grateful for my journey of being single.  Even though some days can be a little hard, I can promise you - those days are so full of growth (if you allow Him to use you), meaningful relationships with friends, and some of the most treasured days I have to remember!  I LOVE married life more than anything else, but being single was a beautiful thing when looking back.

So... the only advice I have to give is to be patient and allow God to use you.  Allow Him to work in your heart.  Allow Him to write your LOVE story.  As cheesy as this book may sound to some... this book was a HUGE encouragement to me during my days of singleness!  :)  

It has some amazing principles from both Eric's perspective as a man, and now husband.  As well as Leslie's perspective from a lady of God and now wife.  A MUST read!

Well... that's my advice!  Go read a book and enjoy these treasured days!  Hope my encouragement helps!

Until then... Brantley

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A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

I just love this post!!

Also, I absolutely love Eric and Leslie's books! I suggest them to any young girl/woman who is waiting for "the one"!

Hope you are having a wonderful week friend!