Sunday, March 27, 2011

A First...

Well, Katherine Grace is sure to experience many "firsts" in the next few years.  But one special "first" was her first time at the Steeplechase!  Richard grew up attending this fabulous event, and when we met, he included me in this annual event!  In fact, its so special, that he proposed to me the day before the event!  He had every intention of proposing at the Steeplechase, but was so anxious, he proposed a day early.  Nonetheless, the event is special to us and we're so excited Katherine Grace got to experience her first event with us this year!  :)  So... here are some shots from her adventure!

Richard with his brothers, his dad and of course, Katherine Grace!  :)

Unfortunately, the rain came and we headed for the car!  We sat there until the rain slowed down enough to make a run for our car so we could leave.  Until then, we had some snuggle time with our baby girl.

LOVE.  This little girl REALLY does have her daddy wrapped around her little fingers!  :)

Now... you ask where I found my dress?  Well, maybe you're not so curious, but I'm going to tell you anyway.  :)  Me and my mom made it!  Yep, I made my first dress EVER!  My mom did most of the work, because I'm still VERY NEW at this sewing thing.  haha  But here you go!

This was what we intended for her to wear.  It was one of the dresses we found at the consignment sale a few weeks back.  Then, we made a fabric flower using the fabric from my dress.  :)

But... by the time we put her little headband on her it... it was just too much going on.  So, instead we put her in the pink version of this dress (that a sweet blog reader gave her).  You can see that post below.  (one or two posts back)  Either way, it all tied in well together and we had a great time!  My baby girl will be 12 weeks old tomorrow... so be sure to check back!

Until then... Brantley


Poppie Lane said...

looks like so much fun! The dress is amazing and so beautiful on you... and Katherine Grace is precious as always! :)

erin said...

I love your dress, will you make me one?? :) I was going to ask where you got it hoping I could go out and buy it tonight, then I kept reading and wouldn't you know, you made it! It looks great, good job!!

Misty said...

I am a new reader.

I am curious...where did you buy your daughter's headband/flower? I love how narrow headband is.

Child of wonder child of God said...

Cute dress! If you are new at sewing you're doing a fantastic job... if you'd ever like lessons or help I'd love to help you out :) Loving the pictures of KG!