Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My little Sunshine!

Oh how this little girl brightens my day.  I am a HUGE morning person... absolutely LOVE the mornings. The sun comes up and its bright and sunny outside.  My spirit is rejuvenated from a restful sleep and a new day!  Its a bright new start... and well, I just love mornings!  Well... my sweet little girl has been the exact opposite since we brought her home.  Mornings have been her crankiest times!  That is until this morning!  We switched her formula yesterday because she hasn't been filling up on it, plus she's started spitting up some.  Well.... its amazing what the right formula can do!  This morning, for the first time ever... she has been sooooo HAPPY!  I now call her my little sunshine!  :)

We had some "playtime" in her crib this morning.  I introduced her to her little stuffed animal friends, showed her pictures and I talked to her.  She just lit up and her small, squinty eyes open sooooo wide!  I just love her!  Here are some images from this morning's "playtime"!

Joy has been our word throughout our adoption journey.  Seeking to find His joy in life, everyday!  So, I thought this was a fun touch!

We attempted her first bow this morning too!  :)  Not quite enough hair, just yet.  But cute even still.

Well... this is my little sunshine!  Hope everyone has had fun playing in the snow!  I heard on the news this morning that 49 out of the 50 states had snow!  Craziness, right?

Until then... Brantley


Timothy and Holly said...

Wow, she looks so grown up sitting in her crib! So cute.

SassyIfLady said...

Awwww - I totally heart her. She is SO beautiful!

Leigh said...


mama faith said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE reading your past posts! Beautiful baby girl AND beautiful blog to boot! Looking forward to hearing more about your lives as a family of 3!

Lara said...

She is sooo sweet!! I always use the crocheted headbans for my little girl before she had hair.

Alison said...

She is so precious!! Love the bow!

Future Mama said...


Much love,
Future Mama

the norman family said...

i love your blog. i am so happy for your precious family!